European Parliament proposes a Single European Transport Area

European Parliament proposes a Single European Transport Area

2011. 12. 15.

In the debate held on the report, MEP Kósa pointed out one of its most important aspects, the Passenger Rights Charter, aimed at defining standard terms of use of accessible forms of transport. In his speech, he expressed his satisfaction that the Charter will dedicate a separate chapter to the rights of people with disabilities.

"We all know that Europe has to prepare itself for the ever-growing expectations our gravely ageing society will impose on lawmakers. We also have to take into account that in society, including people with disabilities, the demand for active recreation and travel is steadily on the rise. I am convinced that the Single European Transport Area will assist in the effective and sustainable fulfillment of these needs, and will provide a framework for clear and reliable transport not only for the elderly and people with disabilities, but for all of us. In accordance with the Report, I request the Commission to put forward a relevant proposal until early 2012 at latest", Kósa said.

As it is well known, Dr Kósa puts a great emphasis on the standardisation and transparency of passenger rights as MEP, which, he says, can be achieved most effectively with a common Passenger Rights Charter.