Meeting with the Belgian Presidency on disability issues

Meeting with the Belgian Presidency on disability issues

2010. 09. 29.

At the first session of the Disability Intergroup where Mr Kósa presented his 5 year work-plan, he proclaimed last year that all EU institutions should co-operate better and more frequently.  Since the Lisbon Treaty came into force this newly introduced dialogue became more important and the Spanish Presidency had already paid attention to this motion, too.

According to Mr Kósa’s creed, the continuous dialogue with the acting Belgian Presidency on 28-09-2010 is a real proof of the growing importance of the affairs relevant to people with disabilities. Mr Kósa in his welcome speech overviewed the results and the prospects of the European Parliament in the field of disability.

For the meeting: Jean-Marc Delizée, Belgian State Secretary for Social Affairs, charged with Persons with Disabilities and Ms Ágnes Vargha, the representative of the Hungarian Presidency from the Permanent Representation to the EU presented their thoughts on the programme and objectives of the Trio. Mr. Yannis Vardakastanis, President of the European Disability Forum was also invited to the meeting to present the point of view of the European Disability Forum.