Oral question to European Commission’s president

Oral question to European Commission’s president

2009. 10. 20.

The sources provided for disabled people may be also fall victim to the budgetary constraints, so Mr KÓSA, according to who, the payment of the paid fines (pl. sums coming in from rehabilitative contributions) too can be frozen, as this happened in Hungary, that they were set aside for disabled people’ job creation.

– Under this, thousands of handicapped people are fired from their workplaces, referring to that the measure of the wage support decreased bought merely, and because of this European Union is the wrong one, with what I do not agree, because European Commission positively fixed that it is necessary to take suitable measures with the changes simultaneously.

How the European Commission desires in the period of the monetary crisis (job maintenance, for equal work equal wage) save the rights of the employees with an order published before the worldwide crisis last year – asked the representative the European Commission’s president.

José Manuel Barroso responded so, that the protection of the employees as the foresaid order says, has to be organized on one country’s national level, primarily with the affirmation of the social safety system.