Persons with Disabilities Are in the Focus of the European Parliament

Persons with Disabilities Are in the Focus of the European Parliament

2016. 05. 30.

“Eleven committees of the European Parliament have been dealing with the report simultaneously, which proves that the issue earned outstanding attention. Today, the EP has shown that improvement of situation of persons with disabilities is not a question of party politics but a significant issue overarching the political groups, which is, by the way, a result of years of strategic preparation” said Kósa, who also serves as co-chair of the Disability Intergroup.

In his amendment to the report, MEP Kósa highlighted that real participation and freedom of expression of persons with disabilities at open events and sessions organized by the European Union must be supported by providing subtitling, sign language interpretation, documents written in Braille and easy-to-read formats.

The Hungarian MEP stressed that report should call upon EU institutions to employ the principle of reasonable accommodation, even in the case of interns working there.
Kósa urged in a motion that the 112 emergency hotline become completely accessible, and by using the newest technologies, should be set up as a unified system across all of Europe.

The implementation of the UN Convention by the European Union is defined by a code of conduct. With the report, MEP Kósa urges that the European Parliament be involved in the revision of the code of conduct between the Council, the Member States and the Commission in order that the disability issue is tangibly strengthened in all European institutions, including the European Parliament.

The European Parliament is expected to vote on the issue during its July plenary.