World Day for Social Justice

World Day for Social Justice

2010. 02. 20.

What does justice mean? What is injustice? The UN document sets clear and immediate aims to tackle issues of poverty, social exclusion and unemployment. This day is to make poverty eradication, the goal of full employment and the fostering of social integration overriding objectives of development. Do governments consider institutions as exclusion? Are they making efforts to close the institutions, to offer other community-services to the 1 million children living in alternative care settings, many of them disabled children? (1)

Poverty is a cause of disability and of injustice. Malnutrition, poor health care and dangerous living conditions all cause disability. Excluded from economic and social life, disabled people live in poverty and social injustice.

The percentage of poverty among the disabled people in Serbia is three times higher than among other inhabitants. (Serbia project – Serbia Free from Poverty, January 2004 – January 2005). In the UK disabled people are twice as likely to be living in poverty as non-disabled people (Community Mission 2010)(2). At least ten percent (or 10%) of the poor in developing countries are disabled people according to the UN.(3)

ENIL wants to emphasize that there is a need for education, employment and social engagement to reduce poverty among disabled people. There is a need for the development of support and services that reduce dependence and contribute to the economic empowerment and full participation in the society of disabled people. There is a crucial need for personal assistance schemes that are essential for support and in reducing social exclusion.

ENIL challenges the EU member states to act now to reduce the state of poverty and injustice of disabled people.

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