Art as our Communication

Art as our Communication

2010. 11. 30.

This is the first exhibition to show the background of artworks by handicapped artists to the Hungarian public. As a result of being socially isolated, the handicapped conceive of paintings and drawings not merely as branches of art.
Audible speech is not the primary means of self-expression for their majority, and thus their intensive artworks convey their emotions and their reflections on their social conditions. Beyond presenting paintings, we wish to show also ways of stimulating job creation, promoting social awareness and changing public aid policy.
Our intention is that the paintings of Our Art: Communication will be seen as symbols of a world within society that is surrounded by indifference and forced into anonymity in daily life, yet it is ready and open to engage in dialogue.
We thus hope to demonstrate interfaces whereby the handicapped might live not as an isolated group, but as a part of the community, bringing values, new attitudes and fresh points of view into our lives.

4 p.m. Opening

By Vice Mayor of Pécs Péter Csizi and Member of the European Parliament Dr. Ádám Kósa
Main Patron of the exhibition: Deputy Prime Minister dr. Zsolt Semjén

4.30 – 5 pm.  Opposites (a play in eight scenes) by Ergo Sum Sign Theatre

Those using sign language always stand opposite one another, as this is the basis of their communication. They need to see whom they are talking to; this is the only we they can make themselves be understood.
Parents and children are two generations, and have different attitudes, sensibilities and ways of thinking. Can they speak the same language – those that hear and are dumb? In spite of their differences in language and culture, can they understand one another?
Are the hearing children of dumb parents and the dumb children of hearing parents opposites or merely standing opposite one another?

Venue: Knowledge Centre, Lobby, Floor 1 (Tudásközpont, Pécs, Universitas u. 2/a.)

7 p. m. Fleeting Lipstick by Baltazár Theatre
A cabaret on fleeting time by the Baltazár Company, that our inborn wisdom is not lost as we turn old – only we tend to forget it as we age. We need to find the true and pure man within ourselves.

Founded in February 1998, Baltazár is the only professional Hungarian theatre company whose members are mentally handicapped actors.

Venue: Pécs Third Theatre (Harmadik Színház, Pécs, Hajnóczy utca 41.)

Visiting the exhibition is free of charge

Open daily 8 a. m. – 8 p. m., 3-10 December 2010.