European 112 Day celebrated all over Europe

European 112 Day celebrated all over Europe

2010. 02. 11.

While the surveys have shown that more than 9 out of 10 Europeans are positive towards the creation and existence of this life saving number, still 3 out of 4 are unaware of these 3 digits that could save their lives when in need of reaching the police, ambulance or fire services. Therefore, events to promote the knowledge and good use of 112 are organised today in several European cities from Portugal to Finland and from Belgium to Bulgaria.

The European Parliament has been launching a series of initiatives* to disseminate the information during the last months and is also celebrating the European 112 Day. “Having access to the European Emergency Number 112 is every European citizen’s right; informing about this right is my role as Member of the European Parliament who was elected to represent the voice and work for the best interest of citizens”, commented Adam Kosa, Member of the European Parliament and President of the Disability Intergroup.

Additionally, a three-year project named REACH112, partially funded by the European Commission, is running in five countries. It will deploy a new text/voice/video communication solution to allow thousands of people to communicate in video, voice and text simultaneously, with special focus on disabled people.  The project will also offer access to relay services to help connect users with different abilities to others and will also provide access to the emergency services. “The REACH 112 project initiative will provide modes of communication to find a way to communicate in each situation, may it be with a live real-time text conversation, with sign language, with lip reading, with voice or with any simultaneous combination of these modes. This will also be a major step ahead for persons with disabilities in the equality to access emergency services in a society designed for all”, he added.
“Please remember to teach 112 to your children: 112 is 1 mouth, 1 nose and 2 eyes!”, he concluded.