Info-communicational accessibility

Info-communicational accessibility

2009. 06. 17.

The MEP himself informed the Hungarian reporters in Brussels about his contentment. He explained that info-communicational accessibility basically means a sign language interpreter and an interpreter for typing. With the help of these colleagues, Mr Kosa can do his job without troubles.

On his first day in Brussels he was looked up five times to register the claims his disability demands. As Mr Kosa said, “the helpfulness he experiences in the EP has never been experienced in Hungary”. However, he emphasized that he considers this attitude not as caring, but as the provision of his rights.

There are 600 000 persons in Hungary, 50 million persons in Europe who live with disabilities. The Hungarian Fidesz delegation in the EP wants to represent their interests as well. Mr Kosa wants to prove that those who live with disabilities can carry out work in every field, if they are provided all the facilities needed. Mr Kosa appreciates Fidesz’ venture to stand for this issue.