Romania: EPP expresses confidence in Traian Băsescu.

Romania: EPP expresses confidence in Traian Băsescu.

2009. 10. 22.

“The European People’s Party supports the candidacy of Traian Băsescu for a new mandate as President of Romania. Romania’s accession to the European Union took place during President Băsescu’s period in office and benefited from his personal contribution”, declared Wilfried Martens and Joseph Daul MEP.


“We have met on several occasions with President Băsescu, both in Romania and in high-level meetings of the European People’s Party and the European Institutions. We have always been impressed in a very positive way by President Băsescu, by his focus on deepening the European integration of Romania, and by the involvement of the President in all major European debates.”


According to the leaders of the EPP Party and the EPP Group, “Mr Băsescu’s role in solving major European challenges in his region – notably energy security and stability in the Black Sea area – is well recognised and has had an important impact on Europe. The European People’s Party also appreciates the continued efforts of President Băsescu to modernise the State, to engage in the fight against high-level corruption, and his commitment to the fair application of law in Romania.”


“The European People’s Party believes that, while we are going through a period of economic and political challenges, Romania needs a President capable of sustaining economic recovery efforts internally, and representing his country’s interests effectively in the European Union. We are convinced that a new term in office will allow President Băsescu to pursue the major reforms that he has already initiated and will accelerate the complete implementation of European standards and values in Romania.”


“We wish President Băsescu great success for these crucial elections and we express our confidence that we can continue to work in the same relationship of trust with him once he is re-elected, to promote the interests of Romania and its citizens’ European ambitions”, concluded Martens and Daul.


(Translation from the original French)